Ozaki iPill Mighty Mic for iPod, iPod Touch


Received a sample unit of this iPil Mic for iPod and iPod Touch.  All I can say about is that this mic is powerful. It records good sound quality and measures almost like your ordinary tablet Pill.  The pill is divided into half – one serves as a protective cap while the other is the main mic. The iPill works with third-party sound recorder apps so make sure you download one before buying this tiny gadget.Will try to put up a sample sound recording and some other impressions about the iPill later.

It connects with your iPhone’s 3.5mm port too.

Ozaki is exclusively distributed in the country by MSI-ECS Phils., Inc. For more product information and other inquiries, email marketing@msi-ecs.com.ph, call 688-3180 / 688-3181, or visit www.msi-ecs.com.ph

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  1. Is the new iPod worth it? For me, upgrading from the 2G Touch, yes! The display is brilliant, the speed of the processor amazing, video quality is very much enjoyable and the rear camera is excellent for taking quick fun shots. If I had one word to describe this iPod, it would be fun! You can’t handle one of these without feeling like a joyous kid, (I’m 22) and the business aspect is still there and quite useful. I would highly recommend this iPod Touch as a worthy upgrade to any generation of the iPod Touch you may own and if you don’t own one, there has never been a more perfect time to go out and get one! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment here if you have a question for an actual owner. I’ll do what I can!

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