Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience

There are four reasons why I should be given the chance to experience the rich blend in culture, cuisine, arts and architecture of Singapore. And these are:

  • I will not blog about it and keep the experience to myself…..NOT! – Of course I will share my experience and blog about it in my travel blog Our Paradise Philippines. And not only that, I will even live blog every significant places that I will be able to visit. I’ll be bringing along my iPhone and my netbook and go online the moment I feel like sharing anything. I heard Singapore is a Wi-Fi country, so I that means I can blog anytime, anywhere.
  • I will tell my kids how bad a country Singapore is……NOT! – Why would I do that? I’ve heard so many things about Singapore from my wife, colleagues and friends. I’m pretty sure I going to see many good things about Singapore.
  • I will not eat street foods and other Singapore cuisine….NOT! Why would I not? I often eat in Singaporean restaurants in Manila. And I long to have a taste of a real and authentic Singaporean food for so many years now.
  • I will not roam around the Lion City. I will just stay in my room…..NOT! Of course I will visit every special tourist spot in Singapore. As much as my time would allow me to. I’m afraid of flying so whenever I get the chance to ride a plane, it’s definitely one of those rare moments. So, the least I can do after mustering the courage to ride the plane again is to enjoy the place where the plane would bring me to.

If I am given the chance to indulge in the uniquely Singapore experience I will not plan an itinerary. I go where ever my feet and my eyes lead me to. Why my eyes? Because my eyes will dictate to my feet which road or way to go through. The important thing is – I will definitely visit every streets and alleys in Singapore.

Those are the reason why I should be given a chance to indulge in the uniquely Singapore experience.

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  1. Hi, Arnold C. Zafra!
    Can’t find your email so I hope this reaches you. I feel your fine photos you shared
    on will enrich and make attractive my book due for release in December: “The Kampangan Mystique”. May I have your permission to copy a few which I’ll definitely acknowledge?

    Rudy Ordonez (pls. pass on to Arnold. thanks.

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