It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful

It was the usual day at work. Ok, to be blunt about it, a boring day at work. What can be so exciting on a Thursday afternoon with the last day of work week staring at you like a little girl taunting you with her lolipop.

You look around. Lo and behold! There’s your boss staring at his laptop. One of your co-workers speaking with somebody on the phone. Another one savaging his keyboard, iPod earphones on two ears. Two of you co-workers talking about the latest movies they’ve seen. Another one leveling up his character in Facebook’s Mafia Wars.

Ok, should I stop now? You got the picture right?

What then should do? Are you going to be one of them. Will you just let the hours tick by?

Ching! Suddenly you remembered something. You pull your desk drawer and there you see, complete with shimmering ray of light – a can of Sour n’ Cream Pringles!

You stood up. Give two 5 pieces of Pringles to each of your co-workers and then one by one you point a finger at each of of your co-workers.

As if mesmerized by an unexplained force. Your co-workers start munching the Pringles one after the other. You didn’t need to tell who is next to munch. You co-workers did it like a synchronize beat of the keyboards. And then everyone was munching – including you!

Everybody was having Krunch. Until your boss arrives.

And you go back to your otherwise boring work life. Wishing, hoping and praying for the next time you’d all going to say…

“It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!”

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