Ozaki iPill Mighty Mic for iPod, iPod Touch


Received a sample unit of this iPil Mic for iPod and iPod Touch.  All I can say about is that this mic is powerful. It records good sound quality and measures almost like your ordinary tablet Pill.  The pill is divided into half – one serves as a protective cap while the other is the main mic. The iPill works with third-party sound recorder apps so make sure you download one before buying this tiny gadget.

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Apple Magic Mouse – I Want!


I didn’t get the Apple wireless Migthy Mouse but I think I will buy this Magic Mouse when it comes out in the Philippine Apple Store. The mouse features the same multi-touch technology used in the iPhone, iPod Touc and Mac trackpads. Price tag is $69 if you get the Mighty Mouse separately. It comes free with the new iMacs. Hmm, maybe I should start saving up for an iMac.

via MacRumors

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