Click the City iPhone App

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I love the Click the City website. I always check it out for movie screenings around the Metro as well as their great coverage on what’s hip and what’s hot, especially food and dining. And I was glad to find out that Click the City has a native iPhone app now.

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Canon Philippines Photomarathon 2009

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I will definitely join this event – the Canon Philippines Photomarathon 2009.

The Canon Photo Marathon is a 1-day photo contest that lets you go out and shoot new images within the specified location or area. You’ll get the chance to compete against other photographers under strict contest deadlines as well. Just submit the images you’ve captured which will be subject to a panel of judges’ evaluation.

Your thematic creative instincts, as well as your ability to work under tight timeline pressures will be thoroughly tested in this exciting and unique competition!

You may register here.

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