Snow Leopard Early Users Reviews

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I just checked the status of Snow Leopard order at the Apple Online Store (Asia) and that’s what I got.

While everybody else in the U.S. have had their hands-on the new Mac OS X aka Snow Leopard, most of us here in this part of the world would have to wait starting early next week to have it.

If you’re like me, you might want to read some initial impressions and reviews of those who have installed Snow Leopard on their Macs:

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  1. Not everyone in the U.S., I ordered my UTD disk back on June 16 and received notice that mine was shipped on the 27th via the postal service. A good portion of the UTD purchasers in the states are having to wait until next week.

    Kind of an odd thing Apple did, you pay a decent amount of money for a new Mac and you wait until the postal service brings you the UTD disk, but if you only paid $29 for a retail copy they’ll overnight it to you for free…Apple is quite perplexing at times.

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