Make Money Blogging eBook Review


Daniel Scocco of the famous DailyBlogTips blog has released his eBook – Make Money Blogging. It is a 54 pages of reading that will tell you tips and tricks on how you could possibly make your way into earning from blogging. It’s a must read for both new bloggers who are struggling to get into the blogging world and a refresher for old bloggers like me who are still struggling to earn significant amount of money despite maintaining a blog which is more than a years old already.

The eBook covers possibly every aspect of blogging, citing helpful tips and tricks that could help you to succeed in blogging.  Topics ranges from selecting a domain name, choosing a CMS tool, frequency of publishing blog content, choosing killer topics and killer titles for your blog posts, using the best WordPress theme and definitely much more.

The eBook was well written – concise and simple without the technical jargons.  Daniel was able to explain all the blogging concepts and ideas in a manner that even those who don’t have any idea what blog and blogging are about will understand.

Make Money Blogging is a 1.5MB download in case you want to dump it into your mobile phone and read it on the go.

If you are seriously looking into making a career out of blogging or at least planning to get into the blogging, Make Money Online is a must read. Simply beats all the other  readings with the same topics.

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