How Much are You Willing to Spend to Protect Your MacBook Pro?

If you think that the current price of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro Unibody is too expensive, wait till you finally got hold of the precious Apple machine. Your expenses won’t stop there. You would need to spend some more bucks to buy the necessary protection that would shield your precious machine. Protecting the MacBook Pro is indeed expensive. Basically you have to spend for three basic things – the screen protector, keyboard protection and a good carryin case/bag/sleeve.  My MacBook Pro got the following love from me:

Caselogic PNC-13 13-inch Slimline Laptop Case


This briefcase type case has several pockets that can hold your essential accessories and other portable devices. It’s well padded and you are sure that your MacBook is well protected from bumps and bruises. (Price: Php 2399.75)

Caselogic 13-Reversible Neoprene Sleeve for MacBook


For added protection, this stylish reversible neoprene sleeve fits your MacBook well.  And it fits rightly on the Caselogic Briefcase Bag as well. You can even use it on its own, or put it in other travelling bags or cases. (Price: Php 1,399.75)

Marware Silicone Keyboard Protector


Not really a must-have accessory for your MacBook. But hey, if you have some extra bucks, it is still is a worthy addition to your MacBook’s protective accessories. (Price: Php 1600)

MF Screen Protector


Now the screen protector is definitely a must-have for your MacBook to preserve its pristine LCD display. (Price: Php 1000)

How about you? What are the  protective accessories that you got for your MacBooks? Feel free to share it  by leaving a comment below.

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