iPhone 3G S Arrives in Manila On Time


As promised by Globe Philippines, the iPhone 3G S has finally reached the Philippine shores.  When Globe started accepting reservations last July 15, it was promised that they will start distributing the new iPhone on the 31st (that’s today). Unfortunately, those who reserved through Globe’s CSR and who were actually contacted a few days ago got a message yesterday that they won’t be receiving their iPhones today. My wife was promised to get my iPhone 3G S either on Monday or Tuesday after receiving a call from a Globe CSR that the iPhone didn’t arrive today. But then, over at Philmug, some members were saying that the iPhone 3G  S has actually arrived and were told to got to specific Globe Centers to pick up their iPhone 3GS.

So a couple of hours ago, I took my wife to the Globe Hub in Podium where I got my iPhone 3G almost the same time last year. Although we were promised by the CSR over the phone that I will get my iPhone 3G S on Monday, I decided to try if the Globe Hub in Podium would give me an iPhone without reservation. This was after the CSR my wife spoke told her that Globe Center’s will not entertain walk-in customers unless they have made reservations.

Guess what? They actually gave me an iPhone 3G S after we cancelled my reservations to the Globe CSR. And so I got my new iPhone 3GS after getting a new postpaid subscription.

Unfortunately, the Globe Hub didn’t have the 32GB models yet. So I had to settle for a 16GB Black iPhone 3G S.

So, thanks to the staff of Globe Hub in Podium for granting my fervent wish of getting the iPhone 3G S on the first day of its release in Manila.

Now, time to activate my new iPhone 3G S. Got a lot of things to do which includes transferring all my data from my iPhone 3G to my iPhone 3G S. I got to do fast it since my wife will be getting my old iPhone.

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  1. Was wondering, if you buy an iPhone 3GS from the States, will it cater to a Smart sim? Do you have to have it unlocked? Or will unlocking still not cater to Smart subscribers? Thanks so much!

  2. nice to hear that. mapapa Globe na ako after knowing they have 400 monthly postpaid plan for iphone 3Gs.thanks to Globe and goodbye to Smart!

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