13-inch MacBook Pro Costs a Fortune


Finally saw the 13-inch MacBook Pro in a PowerMac center. And guess how much this unibody 13-inch MacBook Pro costs? – a whooping Php71,000 for the config which comes with a 2GB  Memory.The Apple Philippines online store is also listing the said Macbook Pro, with a price tag of Php 68,990 inclusive of shipping.

The U.S. price is $1199. You do the math and tell me whether it would be worth buying the said Mac here or abroad?

If I am going to buy the 13-inch MacBook, which do you suggest that  I get? – the new model or the unibody silver MacBook Pro?

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  1. I upgraded from a white MB to the new 13″ MBP and I’d actually suggest the new MBP over the previous edition unibody MB. The screen is much better than my friends unibody MB and the ability to install up to 8GB of RAM will lead to a longer life than the older unibody 13 inch models. The only way that I’d suggest the older unibody is if you need multiple batteries, with the fixed battery and price of external batteries it’d be better to go with the previous generation MB, but the new MBP is a great update.

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