My First Official Wedding Photography Gig

Equipped with a Canon 40D as my primary camera and an old Canon 400D as back-up, I had my first ever wedding photo coverage last Saturday. I brought 3 lenses – 17-40mm f/4.6 wide angle lens, 75-300 mm lens, and a 50mm f/1.8 lens and a tripod. I didn’t get to use the 50mm though. I had the 17-40 always ony my 40D camera. Anyway here sample shots.

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  1. well… what could one say? The quality of images needs definate improvement… everything is just so dark (underexposed) sharpness is not present, composer is no where found. But not to worry.. attend a college and get a four year degree and maybe you will acquire some skills that are definetly needed..

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