10 iPhone Apps Reviewed

I’ve been pretty busy reviewing iPhone apps lately. With so many iPhone apps getting born at the Apps Store every single day, chances are you’d never get the best apps for your own need. So, if you’re in the hunt for new iPhone apps to download on your iPhone or iPod Touch, check out these reviews:

iPhone Productivity Apps

  • Quickvoice iRecorder – transform your iPhone or iPod Touch into a voice recorder
  • Night Camera – improve your iPhone’s default camera photo output
  • iWorkout – for fitness buff like me or if you plan to practice a strict gym regimen in 2009, this app can help you
  • Budget – despite the simplicity of its name, this iPhone app is definitely rich in features to get you on track with your finances
  • To Do’s – one of the simplest and yet powerful Reminder/GTD apps available for free

iPhone Game Apps

  • Flick Fishing – it’s a well, cool fishing game for the iPhone
  • iHunt – a first person shooting/hunting game
  • PocketGuitar – Guitar Hero-like iPhone game app
  • iBasketball – Certainly not an NBA Live type of game, but it can deliver some good old shooting fun

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