Apple Online Store, Philippines Goes Live

Just got an email update from Apple Philippines announcing the official launch of their Apple Online Store – Finally. This is of course following the recent launch of the iTunes Apps Store Philippines. Adhering to the same standards of its US counterpart, the Apple Online Store sport the same slick site design and offers a slew of features which Apple fans can fully enjoy.

The Apple Online Store Philippines offers:

  • a facility for configuring your Mac purchase
  • student and teacher discounts
  • personalize your iPod
  • speak with Mac experts (hmmm…)
  • free shipping for purchases amounting to Php 3,000 above

And to celebrate the launch of the Apple Online Store Philippines, they are giving away Apple T-shirts for every purchases made. That’s a good incentive to probably get your new MacBooks via the online store. But wait, you might want to take note of the price first as there are definitely a big difference with prices from the Apple Shops around the Metro.

The new White Macbook for instance has a price tag of Php55,000 at the online store while it is selling at one of the local store for Php51,000. The same goes true for the other MacBook models. The mark-up is probably for covering the delivery costs, that’s why they can afford to offer free shipping for purchases more than Php3,000.

But still, a difference of Php4,000 is not justifiable for shipping cost, right? What gives?

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  1. Great news indeed. Although the price of the new Unibody Macbooks are cheaper in the online store compared to local stores here in Davao. For example, the new Unibody Macbook Pro is selling at PhP 109,000.00 on the online store while the same model is being sold for PhP 116,000.00 at a local store here. That’s a whopping 7K difference.

    Another thing is that I hope they will soon offer Paypal as payment method for purchases done in the online store as it is much easier.

  2. That’s a huge difference indeed Kroz. Yeah, I do hope they would enable paypal payment soon. Although, I doubt if I would still consider buying online rather than going to the nearest Apple Store.

  3. Now I change my mind towards this issue as I have already checked on a different Apple Reseller here and they priced their Unibody Macbook Pro for Php 106,000.00. The same model that is priced Php 109,000.00 at the Apple Online Store. The only catch was you purchase it with cash because if not, you’ll buy it with the same price as in the online store.

    Still hoping to have Paypal as payment option on the online store though as it may prove useful in the iTunes Store for purchasing apps for my iPod or for an iPhone when (if?) I buy one.

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