Globe iPhone 3G Unboxing

Finally got my hands on a shiny new black 8GB iphone 3G. I took the bait and plunge on getting the prepaid kit offered by Globe for Php37, 599 (around $853). The package comes with a Globe Prepaid Starter kit which is pretty much useless for calling and texting. I didn’t even bother to activate this SIM and instead load up my old Globe Sim to start using the iPhone 3G. What can I say, I am now a proud owner of an Apple iPhone 3G!

  • After using the iPhone 3G for several days, all I cay is that it is not and will never be a “masa” phone. Why, for the simple reason that it not “text-friendly”. We all know how voracious texters Filipinos are. Composing text using the iPhone 3G takes forever. The touchscreen interface was definitely not made for texting purposes.
  • If you’re not using the supplied iPhone headsets, the voice calling features of the iPhone 3G is simply terrible. The sound quality definitely way below other mobile phones’ sound quality. Better use the earphones at all times, or better yet get a Bluetooth compatible headset to eliminate the hassle of the earphones’ cable
  • When searching for contact numbers either to call or text, it’s hard to scroll through the iPhone 3G’s contacts list. It was easy doing this with my old Sony Ericsson P990i, and it is difficult with the iPhone 3G
  • The iPhone 3G does not have a file manager feature. You are stucked with the iTunes to manage your music and you apps. You can’t use Windows Manager to view the iPhone’s content as a USB drive

These are just my initial impression. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying that I don’t like the iPhone 3G, on the contrary I love it. I enjoy installing and using apps. I love the email and web browsing interface. I love the touchscreen features, I love the high-resolution display and it’s overall elegant look accentuated by the Apple logo.

Yes, the iPhone 3G was expensive, but if you don’t mind spending that much, it is definitely worth the price you have to pay for it.

Here are more unboxing pictures of Globe’s iPhone 3G.

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  1. Wow, congratumalations! I’ll wait to hear from you if Globe’s 3G network is any good before getting one of my own. Or maybe I’ll just wait until the next payday. Whatever works. 🙂

  2. I’ve been using Globe 3G whenever there’s no Wi-Fi signal around. So far so good. Go sell your soul to the G-Devil now David and buy the Globe iPhone 3G. But if your a voracious texter, you might want to buy the Samsung Omnia instead. For a 5k difference, you’ll get a “real smartphone.”

  3. Yeah, the iPhone sucks as a phone for text messaging mainly because there’s no option to turn off the Predictive Text which turns anything you type into Engligh. I’m a fairly fast typer on the iPhone’s virtual keyboard but the Predictive Text really slows me down.

    As for the Omnia, I don’t trust Samsung’s UI yet, and having owned a first-gen iPhone (and only tested an Omnia) myself, I say OS X is the more intuitive and definitely the more robust one.

    But well, as a fanboy I guess the next logical move would be just as you suggested… now, I’m off to find that devil to sell my soul to…

  4. I have Iphone. You’re correct, it’s never gonna be a phone for the MASA, not only because of the price, but because, texting has never been HARD!!! You cannot turn-off the Predictive texting! So everytime I type in tagalog, like “Tita” it will become, “Tits”. When I type “anak”, it becomes “anal”. So one time, I texted my aunt, I’;m supposed to tell “.. Tita, anak ko po..” became … “tits, anal ko ok…”

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