Behold! The Apple iPhone2!

Finally, after several days of fun-filled hype and buzz, the WWDC has ended. Apple’s Steve Jobs and the rest of his crew went hope happy as they finally unveiled the second coming of their famous TOY – the iPhone2, or iPhone 3G however you may want to call it – it’s the APPLE iPhone. The uber cool mobile phone which have eluded the Philippins mobile phone market (except for some underground distribution deals, i.e. kababayans, black markets etc.). Will it ever reached the Philippine soil? Yugatech says yes!

Yugatech spoke with some Globe representatives who confirmed that the iPhone2 may either come to the Philippines as early as July or as late as September. Are you excited? Will you get one for you? What if you know that it retails for $199 in the U.S.? Almost half as the price of original iPhone. And what will you get for a dirt cheap mobile phone such as the iPhone2?

  • 3G capability
  • touchscreen features
  • GPS (will not probably work in the Philippines)
  • 2mp camera
  • and most importantly – a mobile phone bearing THE APPLE LOGO!

Actually, the last part is the most important feature as all the other features that the iPhone2 touts are nothing special anymore. But the fact still remains that even with far inferior features as other more advanced smartphones, nothing beats the fact that it has the Apple logo.

The question now is, how is Globe going to market the iPhone2 in the Philippine market? Yuga predicts that it will probability tied up with Globe’s Visibility thingie. But given the prestige of the iPhone2 I think Globe will most likely tie it up with it’s most expensive Post-Paid Plan plus a 2-year contract. That would give them a good ROI already.

Will I get one from Globe? Certainly not. So, if anyone of you are coming over from the U.S. who can buy me the iPhone2 once it comes out on July 11, I will forever take it as a big favor. I’m willing to pay extra for that.

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  1. the iphone2 in the u.s. sells at $199 but is a “locked” phone for 2 years. so if you ask someone to buy it there for you and bring it in the philippines, he will be required to submit requirements of which majority are designed for U.S. residents to produce because he has to pay the monthly there too.

  2. i know because i just came home from the u.s. and went home with no luck of finding myself an iphone2. now i have to wait for globe to come up a promo. hope to get myself one by middle of this year.

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