Review: Kodak EasyShare M1033 10mp HD Digital Camera

I’ve been toying around with the product sample of the Kodak EasyShare M1033 for a couple of days now, and I must say that I’m pretty impressed with the M1033’s functionality and features. For a small camera of this size, you wouldn’t expect it to wallop some large scale features that you would commonly find in bigger cameras. But then, the M1033 proves the old adage that “small but terrible”. For the Kodak M1033 is definitely small in size, but terribly big in camera features. Read on to find out why.

Kodak EasyShare M1033 – Amazing quality prints

If you’re into printing large sized photos, the M1033 will let you print up 30 x 40 in (70 x 102 cm) with its 10 mp CCD. This suits well when printing your photos either at home with your portable printer or having it professionally printed through Kodak’s retail photo shop.

Kodak EasyShare M1033 – 3x optical zoom

The M1033 goes with the standard optical zoom fare which is common among point-and-shoot cameras today. With 3x optical zoom (35 mm equivalent: 35-105 mm) the M1033 will let you get closer to subjects without reducing image quality. Plus, with a Kodak RETINAR Aspheric Lens, you’ll sure to capture crisp details of your subjects. The M1033 also boasts of 5x digital zoom which pretty much enlarges your photos effectively. And with blur reduction technology, the M1033 effectively reduces blurs caused by mobile subjects.

Kodak EasyShare M1033 – 3.0-inch display

Considering that the M1033 is being touted as an HD camera, it’s pretty normal for Kodak to have it built with a larger screen display. And the M1033’s large 3.0-inch screen display which also serves as a viewfinder is a pleasure to look at. Although it can get pretty blurry when outside on a sunny day. The M1033’s LCD also has auto picture rotation so no matter how you took your pictures you can still view it in a right side up manner.

Kodak EasyShare M1033 – True HD quality

Now this is the meat of the Kodak M1033’s features as a digital camera. And I would have to give them the thumbs up on this aspect. The M1033 captures beautiful HD pictures in 16:9 format so you can practically view your pictures on an HDTV or other HD devices in all their widescreen glory. The same is true with the M1033’s video capture facility. Using MPEG-4 compression, you can capture more stunning videos. What’s more, you can print multiple frames on a 4×6 in. print and even save single frames of your videos and email it to anyone. Plus, you can also mark special spots in your video with video bookmarking.

Kodak EasyShare M1033 – Automatic setup for capturing beautiful pictures

The Kodak M1033 utilizes two camera technology which make it easy for users to capture stunning pictures. First is the Smart Capture technology which adjusts camera settings to suit any environment. It also analyzes scene conditions and set camera settings including appropriate exposure, focus and ISO. This is geared for novice digital camera users and is a great way to start learning the intricacies of the M1033. In addition to Smart Capture, the M1033 also employs face detection technology which automatically locates focal faces and adjust the camera settings to best capture the subjects’ best angles.

Kodak EasyShare M1033 – HDTV Dock

To complement the M1033’s HD quality photos and videos is the EasyShare HDTV Dock which comes as an optional accessory. But having used this dock, I would have to recommend that you buy it together with your M1033. Because how good is an HD camera if you can’t watch it on an HDTV display, right? And the Kodak EasyShare HDTV Dock is your intermediary between your Kodak M1033 and your HDTV and other HD devices. The Kodak EasyShare HDTV Dock is easy to set up as it is easy to use. It even comes with a remote control for an even easier control.

Kodak EasyShare M1033 – Final Verdict, Conclusion

This is my second time to use a Kodak EasyShare camera, the other one was V series model, and I was not too satisfied with that one. For one it lacks the vivid colors of other digital cameras such as the Canon AS models. But having learned from its flaws in earlier models of the digital cameras, Kodak has tremendously improved their cameras’ picture quality in terms of color and vividness. If you were able to use the M1033 with the correct settings for the current environment where you are shooting, you’ll definitely get high-quality picture outputs.

The Kodak M1033 will suit the needs of novice and advanced digital camera users. It is very easy to use and very “user-friendly”. In fact you won’t even need to read the manuals to learn to use the camera. You can take it out of the box, insert the memory card and start clicking and snapping to your heart’s the light.

Sample photos taken using the Kodak EasyShare M1033 camera

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  1. I am more than pleased with the multiple functions this camera has to offer, the burst/panoramic & several other features That I could not gather on any other single model, helped me make my choice to purchase this camera. Thank you kodak I look forward to many memorable moments to share with this magnificent piece of equipment. Keep up the good work.

    WW Houston Tx

  2. Something seems to be going on with my ub plug, plug that allows me to recharge & to transfer pics to computer. Any suggestions on what might be wrong or how I could get it fixed? Has anyone had this problem?

  3. Mine died in 6 months…after researching seems many people have the same problem. To get it fixed it would cost more than buying it new because Kodak charges you $80 to look at it and $50 to ship it back to you, not to mention how much it costs you to ship it to them. Bought one for my mother and it needed repairs after 2 months. Stay away from it.

  4. This was such a beautiful, clean design, that it immediately caught my eye among the other cameras. I’m tired of gadgets that try to look powerful by being hard to use. I want a camera that is–dare I say it–like my iPod.

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