The 4th Philippine Blogging Summit – iBlog 4

Finally after signing up for two years and not being able to attend, i finally made it to the Philippine Blogging Summit, or iBlog4 for this year. Actually, I didn’t stay until the afternoon sessions. I was able to listen to the first two speakers while writing some posts, but enjoyed Juned’s topic on photoblogging.

Here are my thoughts after attending half of the iblog4:

  • the first talk was definitely irrelevant. Charo was good and she knows her stuff, but to discuss blogging 101 on the 4th iblog? I don’t think it made sense. I was hoping to hear more advance blogging topics, or was I expecting too much?
  • Carlo Lucidine, the second speaker was ok. Although there are some points which he raised that I disagree of. Yeah, I know it’s quite overwhelming to earn $1000 from “pro-blogging”, but hey kid you didn’t mention that you did earn it from “pro-blogging” alone, right? It might have created an impression on the young minds of the STI students, that earning $ just by blogging is as easy as attending iblog4. Here’s a piece of advice though kid, don’t go into full-time problogging and don’t waste your parents hard-earned bucks by wasting what you’ve learned in MIT. Fine a nice paying job then blog on the side. It will make you more money.
  • The third speaker, aside from being a friend of mine, was the best speaker. Juned Sonido, aside from emitting that aura of “coolness” (as attested by his get-up) is well very well-verse on his subject. He didn’t need to brag about anything to get the audience attention, all he needed was some wit and a bag of props. Good work Juned.
  • On other things, the reason why I didn’t finish the whole gig is because I didn’t find the rest of the topic and the speakers quite interesting (for me). I was wondering why there was no topic on Tech Blogging or Tech Bloggers. There are quite a few Filipino tech blogger who are making it big in Tech Blog Networks which are Internationally based. Or a good topic also would be “Freelance Blogging” and how big it is right now among Filipino bloggers.

In general, the iBlog 4 was fine, if you are not yet so into blogging. That could have explain the rarity of “Seasoned bloggers” in the attendees.

Would I attend the next Philippine Blogging Summit next year?….

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  1. Hi Arnold. Thank you for the feedback. iBlog is always considered as an event for newbies, novices, and advanced users alike. I guess blogging 101 is there to make sure that newbies will feel welcome and mostly comprised this event.

    Topics are usually drafted based on suggestions and speaking intent received year after year. As always, we receive feedback on its content afterwards which we take note for next year.

    Cheers and thank you again for making time to join the iBlog4 event.

  2. Wow. Your review kinda made me feel torn about this whole deal about iBlog summits. I guess they need to have separate sessions for newbies and advanced peeps.

    Loved your comment on Carlo. $1K is really not something overwhelming to find out. I don’t mean to brag myself but I can honestly say that I’ve made 3 times that amount since I started 9 months ago. If I consider the rest of the advertising income, about 4 times.

    I was wondering if any of the speakers actually discussed anything specific about how bloggers really earn money from their blogs?

    If I was there, I’d probably left the same time you did. There’s probably some marketing deficiencies with the iBlog summits.

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