The Perfect Bag for a Green Asus Eee PC

asuseeepcbagtransformers.jpgWas looking around for a not so expensive bag for my newly bought (yeah, I finally succumbed to the temptation!) Asus Eee PC when I stumbled upon this cool looking, not so expensive (trans. Dirt Cheap!) shoulder bag with an Optimus Prime Logo in front! Fits the Asus Eee PC with less than an inch free space. The bag is made of cheap synthetic leather and has extra front pocket that fits a couple of gadgets more (P990i CP and iPod Touch). If it doesn’t appeal to you, check some other options at

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  1. I bought my wife’s bag at MobileOne. Parang slim na handbag sya, worth 900 pesoses. Ok naman… the bag itself is so slim you can put it into another bag.

  2. is this really worth your money? i mean..the asus eee pc.. planning to get one..:) like you…i am so tempted…but then again..there’s the 9-inch eee coming soon.hehe..

  3. Ms. Reah, the only difference between the 7-inch and 9-inch model is 2 inches of screen. You can get the higher SSD storage capacity by buying a high capacity USB. You can have a faster processor by upgrading as well. By that time the 2nd gen eee pc arrives, it would cause something around 25k prolly. Compare it with 19K or 15K (if you get the eee surf – 2mb flash drive, 512 ram, no webcam).

    To answer your question, it its worth buying the eee? Depends on your needs. If you are always on the go and needs to blog, you’ll have good use for it. But if you are like who was just curious about it, hehehe…better think twice.

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