Winning the Webs Craziest Internet Marketing Contest

crazy-contest.jpgIs Winning the Web‘s Gyutae Park out to own the web? After a successful contest a couple of weeks ago, here comes Gyutae again with another contests. Only this time, it’s crazier. In fact this could indeed be the craziest Internet Marketing Contest you’ve ever seen. Now how’s that for an opening pitch? Anyway, that won’t win me any of the cool prizes that Gyutae is giving away, so I might as well do the traditional “i’m joining your contest” post.

So, what are the cool prizes you can win by joining WTW’s contest? There’s awful lot to list here. Just head on to WTW contest post and find out for yoursefl.

So, how can you join the craziest internet marketing contest? There are several ways as well. You can either post about the contest (like what I am doing), or perform certain tasks that varies from subscribing to WTW’s feeds via RSS, email, following Gyutae in Twitter, etc. Every action corresponds to certain points. Every points corresponds to the chances of your name getting pick for any of the prizes.

So, thank you for reading this post. And if I didn’t convince you to join (much better!) why not check out the constest and find out for yourself.

Note: As of this writing, the contest prizes is now worth $12,201! I would be glad to get any of those prizes.

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