Web 2.0, What’s in It for Libraries and Librarians

jonas_delos_reyes.jpgJust attended a forum sponsored by my alumni association (UPLSAA) on Web 2.0. The speaker was Jonas de los Reyes of Yehey.com’s ecommerce unit. Jonas is also a blogger and a very active one, unlike me.Anyway, Jonas was able to give a background on what web 2.0 is all about and most of the things he talked about is what I expected his talk would be. It was a good lecture, but I doubt if the attendees were able to grasp the concept and how it can be applied to the library setting. There were some bloggers and in some little ways are aware of the current condition of the web. But for the majority, I doubt if they ever heard about Web 2.0 at all.

Now there lies the problem. Jonas obviously know his craft when it comes to Web 2.0, but he was not able to relate Web 2.0 to the library concept, considering that the forum title was “Web 2.0, what’s in it for us?”

Web 2.0 tools and technology is currently being used by librarians and libraries abroad. One just have to Google “web 2.0 libraries” and there’s a lot of literature, examples and what-have-yous relating web 2.0 to libraries, or a more popular term – Library 2.0.

Maybe I should start covering web 2.0 applications in this blog more often. Yeah. that’s a good idea. One library 2.0 post a week would be a good contribution to the library profession, more particularly Philippine librarianship.

Anyway, it was nice meeting one mainstream pinoy blogger during the forum. Hope I get my invites to more pinoy blogging gigs in the future. Thanks Jonas! 🙂

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