Google’s Blogger Introduces Some New Features

blogger_comment_openid.jpgI haven’t been using Blogger lately. And if not for leaving a comment to a blog that runs on blogspot, I wouldn’t have notice one of the two prominent new feature that Google’s blogging platform has introduced. And this is the implementation of OpenID system when leaving a comment to a blog. Blogger gives you option on which of your IDs you would like to use.

The other feature that was recently implemented was the much awaited, post time stamp. Yup, it took awhile before Blogger implemented this and nobody knows why. This is one of the reasons why most of the former Blogspot blogger have turned to WordPress. But good for Blogger, the feature is now enabled. Now, you can schedule your blog post at Blogger.

You can see the post time stamp by clicking on the post options tab when creating a new post.


As for other features, you can find them at Blogger Buzz.

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  1. I have actually created an account for WordPress and a blank blog awaiting for me there, but decided to stick to Blogger at the last minute. Wala lang. 🙂

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