Win an iPod Touch via the Marketing Pilgrim

If you’ve been wanting to have an iPod Touch but your financial budget deters you from satisfying yourself and making Steve happy, the Marketing Pilgrim  is giving you a chance to own this cool gadget for free. For those who have been sleeping for a long time now, Marketing Pilgrim  is a pretty cool and very useful blog about internet marketing and other ways you can make money online. I’ve been reading Marketing Pilgrim since last year and I would have to say that the articles  are definitely worth your reading time. Now, how do you win an iPod touch for yourself?

Join the Marketing Pilgrim’s  contest and the following simple tasks to earn raffle entries:

subscribe to the marketing pilgrim’s RSS feeds and wait for the secret message to appear in the blog’s RSS between now and March 1st, once you see the secret message, email it to contest[at]marketingpilgrim[dot]com,

If you link to the contest post via Twitter and you get to be picked as the winner, the iPod Touch will be upgraded to 16GB capacity.If you write about the post with a link to the contest page and link the page to your Twitter account, the iPod Touch becomes even better, you get a 32GB iPod Touch.

I know it’s going to be a touch chance to win this one. But who knows, one of us might get lucky.

That’s basically 3 raffle entries. Hopefully your name gets randomly selected by Andy Beal.

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