5 Useful Things To Do When Your Internet Connection is Down

PLDT lines must have been strucked by the New Year’s eve revelry that it has been down for several days now. MyDSL connection and my landline phone is dead. And I don’t have a back up ISP, and I couldn’t find my P990i installation CD so that I can use my phone as a modem to my laptop. So, what could a guy like me, who blogs at night and spends 5 hours online possible do? If you are like me who got hit by the PLDT plague, here are 5 things we could all do to make our night hours useful:

1. Set up your own DIY lightbox and start takings photos of small objects – practice on your macro shots, think of lighting effects, and wait until your internet connection is up so that you can dump those photos into your Flickr account,

2. Grab your aging digital photography magazines which you haven’t read despite having it bought decades ago. You might still find some new photography tips and tricks in those mags.

3. Browse the web using your mobile phone. Hopefully you’ve got a 3G capable phone so that you won’t get to spend much on airtime charges/download rates,

4. Turn on your TV (plasma, LCD, CRT) and start channel surfing. The boring shows on local TVs and reruns on HBO will help you fall asleep quickly.

5. Lie down on your bed, close your eyes, and start cursing your internet service provider, until you doze off.

PLDT S&^*$, PLDT %^#$, zzzzzzz

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