Why I Believe Winning the Web Should Win Over TylerCruz

WinningtheWeb and TylerCruz.com are teaming up via a smart competition which would make their blogs win some good amount of linkbacks no matter who gets the most number of votes from readers. Honestly, its a win-win situation for both blogs. It’s not about who  gets to convince their readers to vote for them but its about readers writing about their blogs.Both bloggers, Tyler and Gyutae have posted about their contest and both have valid and witty reasons why you should vote for one over the other. In terms of blog stats and credentials, no doubt TyleCruz should win over Winning the Web. In terms of persuasive strategies Tyler still should win. He has valid points and if you as a reader of both blogs would want to get a chance at winning $100 bucks, you would vote for TylerCruz.

But not me. I’m not voting for TylerCruz but for WinningtheWeb instead. Why? For the simple reason that I want the cool Winning the Web shirt that Gyutae is giving away to his first 30 voters. So, Gyutae better prepare the shirt and send it to me at once.

Wait, Gyutae wants a 300 word post describing why his Winning the Web should win this contest over TylerCruz.com. Unfortunately I won’t write that too long a post just to win a cool the WinningTheWeb shirt. But I can give you three reasons why I believe WinningTheWeb should win over TylerCruz.com:

  1. WinningTheWeb is the more helpful blog in terms of helping other bloggers to make something out of online marketing. Through his journey towards amassing wealth through online marketing strategies, Gyutae is imparting his ways and tactics to his readers.
  2. WinningTheWeb is the underdog here in terms of blog stats and credentials. I’m partial to underdogs when it comes to competition like this.
  3.  I’m subscribed  to WinningTheWeb’s RSS but not to TylerCruz. Honestly, this is my first time to visit TylerCruz’s blog. 🙂

Ok, enough said. I guess this post is meets the 300 word requirements already.

As a last note, do yourself a favor and vote for WinningTheWeb.

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  1. You deserve to win Gyutae. I tried posting the URL via a comment to the post but my comment won’t seem to get through.

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