Blogging Achievements – 2007

While everybody else are recapping their blog’s achievements for 2007, let me look back at 2007 by listing down the blogs I’ve contributed for in 2007, and thank the owners of this blog for giving me the chance to work with them.

Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal – I’ve been blogging for SEJ since March up to now and hopefully will continue to blog for SEJ in the coming year. Thanks for the patience Loren.

Les Nivas and Leah Archibald and the rest of the, for continuing to let me blog over at ITGumbo – IT20.

John Pospisil of Blorge – for the patience, for mentoring me on how to become a good writer and for letting me continue to blog at Photo Blorge. Thanks John!

Raj Dash of Chameleon Integration for the brief stint with How Nifty, WireGenius, Phone-Guide an d Call Style. Hope we could work again next year Raj.

And more recently, Maris Dagis of Rotorblog – The Web 2.0 and social network niche is pretty exciting lately. There”s a lot more to cover and hopefully we could continue working together next year.

And lest I forget, to the pinoy blog guru master Yuga. Hopefully I could blog more at Pinoy Urban Blog and Pinoy Travel Blog, if time permits.

Here’s to more blogging gig next year! Hopefully with – B5 Media, Weblogs Inc? Who else?

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