10 Blogging Goals for 2008

This is part of Daily Blog Tips’ Group Writing Project: 2008 Blogging Goal. What a better way to end this year’s blogging activities but with a group writing project. So, what’s my blogging goal for 2008? I’ve got two categories; one for two of my main blogs – paradise Philippines and aczafra.com. The other category is about my freelance blogging gigs. So here are my blogging goals for 2008:

For Paradise Philippines :

  1. To establish the blog as a full travel blog highlighting the best of the Philippines travel destination,
  2. A fully customized Paradise Philippines WordPress Theme,

For aczafra.com:

3. Increase RSS readers to at least 50,

4. Develop into a full tech blog covering –mobile phones, gadgets, web 2.0, seo,

5. Get a couple of sponsors – to pay for some blog maintenance dues,

6. Publish one post per day on a regular basis,

For Arnold as a freelance blogger;

7. Get into an established blog network as a paid blogger (b5, weblogs inc., about.com?)

8. Publish a viral post at least every month,

9. Earn at least $2000/month on freelance gig,

10. Be a better writer/blogger

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  1. Go arnold! Explore and enjoy the Philippine paradise. Kaya pala panay ang yaya mo mag-ikot sa pinas kasama pala sa blogging goals mo for 2008! Basta dala ka pasalubong ha.

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