Christmas Gadget Wish List 2007

As an tradition in this blog, I am posting my Christmas gadget wish list for this year. Last year’s Christmas gadget wish list got around 765 page views to date. And I get to buy some of the items I listed (4 out of 5).

This year I got my Canon 400D DSLR, an Acer Laptop, a Sony Ericsson phone, a stable DSL internet connection courtesy of PLDT’s myDSL. The only item which I didn’t get is PS3, which I intentionally did not buy at all since I wouldn’t be able to play with anymore.

Not bad, for a Christmas wish list coming true, eh? Now for this year’s Christmas wish list which I hope to fulfill before the year ends next year, here’s my Christmas gadget wish list:

  1. �HDD enclosures – or any external hard disk where I could store all my photos, a goo 500GB storage space would be neat!
  2. iPhone – I’ve been dreaming of this one already, either I ask somebody coming home this Christmas to buy me one, or wait for it to be available here next year. I want, I want an iPhone!
  3. VideoCam -I want one of those uber advance HD video cameras, I’m planning to go into video recording hobby as well, aside from photography
  4. Macbook / EEE – I’m planning to give my laptop to my son who is graduating from secondary school by 2009, so I need to replace it with a Macbook. And besides, I think its high time that I get to own an APPLE product!
  5. iPod Touch – I want music on the go, and I want it on an iPod Touch!

So, there goes my Christmas Gadget Wish List for 2007. Do you have a list of your own? Share your link on the comment or post the list directly.

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