Earn Money Online via PredictAd Auto Complete Search Box

Here’s a new way of making money online, PredictAd. I’m not sure if PredictAds is the first to come up with this kind of advertising model.  But serving ads on search boxes while doing auto omplete of search terms may seem innovative indeed. As you may probably deduce from the name, PredictAd is a mix-up of search prediction and search advertising into one product.
PredictAd’s FAQ page describe the new advertising service as:

a simple yet clever advertising service, which helps you create additional income from searches performed in your website. Once a visitor starts typing a search query, an auto complete box will appear and assist him. Alongside the auto complete results, ads that are relevant to what the visitor is typing will also be displayed. Visitors that click these ads create revenue for you. That way, you create additional revenue AND offer your visitors a pleasant and helpful feature – both at the same time

So, basically, PredictAd is a CPC advertising revenue scheme for bloggers. You can just imagine the number clicks whether invalid or not, it would generate since its location (as a pull down tab while doing search) is very prone to accidental clicks.

If your blog has a highly used search box, chances are, you might get some considerable amount of ad clicks if you decide to join PredictAd.  If you have created a Google custom search engine on one of your web properties or any site with heavy traffic from regular community members, you might stand a good change of earning significantly from PredictAd.

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