Blogging and PR Work?

I’ve been invited to several gadget product releases for several times already. All of which I turned down due to time constraints. I don’t know if those PR people read this blog and knowing that I’m been posting several gadget PR stuff made them to invite me.

Some Pinoy bloggers I know, especially those belonging to the “Pinoy Blogging elite” (sorry guys, no offense or whatsoever meant, I just couldn’t come up with a better description for your group)  have been attending press cons and product launches. Either because of the free food, schwags, or blogging opportunities that they’ve been attending these events here and there.

What I don’t get it though is what do these PR people and the Pinoy bloggers get from attending these events? What’s in it for the PR people and what’s in it for Pinoy bloggers?

For the PR people

The PR people may be starting to recognize the power of blogs in their PR campaigns. Blogs and blog posts are a sure way of spreading buzz about latest products and services. Not to mention it is also an inexpensive medium.

All these PR people need to do is invite bloggers, and if they lucky these bloggers may or may not write about the event they just attended. I’m guessing around 60-70% of these blogger write about the event they attended whether they got some freebies or not. After all the event is still something to write about whether it was a good event or not

For Bloggers

Aside from the freebies (food, giveaways, raffle prizes) of course, if the event is related to their blog niche, the event becomes a blogable opportunity. If its a product launch, attending launch events would give the bloggers first hand account of what the product is all about. Then it becomes a blogable material.

But other than that, what else? Networking with other bloggers? Why can’t they just organized a blogger’s EB to network with fellow Filipino bloggers? Or why don’t they just use the web, IM, Skype, Forums etc.? I know networking in flesh and blood is still better than web networking. But real life networking entails time. Time that bloggers can use to write substantive blog posts.

So does blogging and PR really work together? Does product companies really gain something from these events in terms of gaining blog posts from attending bloggers? Are bloggers effective in creating buzz about new consumer products?

Maybe I need to attend one of those PR events in the future. Only then could I probably answer those questions I have in mind. Maybe PR and blogging actually works together.

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