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smorty.jpgSmorty is another type of blog for money making opportunity for bloggers who are willing to get paid for blogging. Smorty serves both bloggers and advertisers. Bloggers get paid to blog about their opinions and reviews of Smorty advertisers products and services.

To start making money online bloggers must register and submit their blogs for approval by Smarty. It doesn’t really take that long to get that approval. For as long as your blog is live and updated, I’m pretty sure Smorty would immediately approve it. For bloggers who have multiple blogs, they can only add another blog after posting 5 successful posts.

For advertisers, Smorty offers ways to get inbound links to their sites landing pages. More inbound links mean higher ranking on search engine results page. The good thing about Smorty is that advertisers only pay for the posts they approve. Hence they are assured that they pay only for worthy reviews coming from worthy blogs which review their sites.

Smorty pays bloggers through paypal, so make sure that you have a paypal account before doing your first Smorty opportunity.

In terms of payment, rates varies depending on the status of the blog. The higher the blogs PR, number of back links, search engine reputation are probably some of the considerations when paying bloggers’ reviews/posts.

Opportunities are sent to bloggers through email. Although there are a couple of available opportunities posted on the Smorty site once in awhile.

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