SponsoredReviews’ Affiliate Program

For those who are not aware yet, ReviewMe is not the only paid for review program available for bloggers who are into this kind of making money online gig. SponsoredReviews works like ReviewMe where bloggers get paid for reviews on their blogs. For Filipino bloggers, this was not an option before since it only accepts PayPal as the mode of payment. But when PayPal was enabled in the Philippines, SponsoredReviews has become a better alternative to ReviewMe.

Anyway, just recently, SponsoredReviews has released its affiliate program where every successful referral coming from members’ blog/sites are paid with corresponding amount. If you’ve been doing SponsoredReviews gig before, this is another option for you to make money online. Just grab your affiliate referral code, stick it on your blog, and start earning from SponsoredReviews Affiliate Program.

If you are not yet into SponsoredReviews, why don’t you try it out. You might earn some extra bucks from posting reviews on your blog.

You may sign up by clicking on the SponsoreReviews Badge below. 🙂

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