The Flickr Pro Account is Sweet!

I finally upgraded  my Flickr account into pro membership. With all the perks and features of a Flickr pro account, all I can say is – suweeet! For a cheap price of $24/year, the Flickr pro account is definitely a good service.

Although I already have a pro account at Zooomr which I got for free being one of the earlier users, I still wanted to have a Flicrk Pro account. Zooomr is a great photo uploading site as well, but I feel that Flickr being under the wings of Yahoo would render my photos and images safer. With Flickr, you’re photos are in good hands.

So, what are the features of a Flickr Pro account in case you don’t know yet?

  • unlimited storage,
  • unlimited uploads,
  • unlimited sets,
  • unlimited bandwidth,
  • permanent archiving
  • ad-free browsing and sharing

For a mere $2 dollars a month? I couldn’t ask for more. Check my Flickr account if you want to see some honest to goodness photos taken by an amateur photo hobbyists like me using my Canon EOS400 DSLR camera. And please feel free to leave a comments about the picture.

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