Make Money Online: Write Why You Read the Marketing Pilgrim

Here’s an easy way to win $500 cold cash. The Marketing Pilgrim is holding a contest until November 15. All you have to do is do a blog post about the reasons why you like reading the Marketing Pilgrim.  No required back links and no required number of words per post. All that Andy wants to know is why you, or we like to read his blog- the Marketing Pilgrim. So here are my reasons for reading the Marketing Pilgrim:

  • Quality and coverage of  posts – Andy never runs out of material to cover/write about, you’ll definitely find something interesting in his daily blog posts
  • Marketing Pilgrim does not regurgitate news releases/news items, he expresses his opinion and point of view in every posts,
  • Marketing Pilgrim’s posts are well written and has a very informal tone, reading Marketing Pilgrims feels like talking to your brother about many things,
  • Marketing Pilgrim’s site design, is simple and clean. The site design is very pleasant to the eyes and definitely entices you to come back

So, there goes my reasons why I like reading Marketing Pilgrim.

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