The Price of a 2 Google Page Rank

By now, the buzz about the Google Page Rank nightmare have already gone down. The Google PR plague has left many bloggers sad while some didn’t mind it at all. This blog is one of the many blogs which have suffered from the Google PR massacre. From this blog’s previous PR5 which gone down PR4 during the first PR update this year, it has gone down to PR2 as a result of the latest PR update. The culprit? Many are saying that Google has penalized blogs which sell links. I have several paid text links with a single TLA link ads which has been giving me a few dollars of earnings every month. Although there was no confirmation from Google yet as to whether those paid text links caused the degradation of many blogs’ Google PR, it is still the most common reason believed by many bloggers. As such, here is the price I paid for 3 PR rank that I lost for this year.


That amounts to a mere $147.44 plus some direct link advertisers amounting to around $150, making a total amount of $297.44.

Was it worth all the effort I put in building up this blog, deep linking, writing posts and linking with other blogs? I would have to say yes. I don’t regret having a blog with PR2. I used to have no PR at all. Why would I fret about losing 2 ranks more?

Will I stop selling text links on this blog? Definitely not. The average 20 dollars I get from TLA is additional income for a impoverish blogger like me.

Will I stop seling text links from direct buyers? Negative. If the price is right, the link ads on this blog will see the ray of light.

How about you, would you stop selling link ads in order to regain your Google PR? Or if possible ask for a recommendation from Google?

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  1. Nice breakdown of the “cost”. Unfortunately so many people are bound up by the idea of page rank being a hugely important number I have to wonder how much advertising you’ll continue to get.

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