VAIO-mania: Sony VAIO UX Series

ux_hero_wan176-2_wp_lg_lg.jpgThe Sony VAIO UX Micro PC is about the size of a classic postcard with its 4.5-inch widescreen display. It is a hand-held computer designed for true PC performance perfect for people on the go. Making use of XBRITEâ„¢ LCD technology, VAIO UX delivers clean and crisp picture quality backed by a full-sized PC performance.

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Blogging and PR Work?

I’ve been invited to several gadget product releases for several times already. All of which I turned down due to time constraints. I don’t know if those PR people read this blog and knowing that I’m been posting several gadget PR stuff made them to invite me.

Some Pinoy bloggers I know, especially those belonging to the “Pinoy Blogging elite” (sorry guys, no offense or whatsoever meant, I just couldn’t come up with a better description for your group)  have been attending press cons and product launches. Either because of the free food, schwags, or blogging opportunities that they’ve been attending these events here and there.

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Photo Blogging Direct from Flickr


Originally uploaded by arnoldzafra

Just testing out Flickr’s direct photo blogging facility. It’s some kinda cool. I’ll be doing more of this later on. Incidentally, this photo was taken using a 50mm f/1.8 Canon Lens. The 50mm lens is one of the so called Prime Lens. This lens in particular is mostly used for taking portrait photo and a some outdoor marco shots. I’m beginning to love this lens because of its Depth of Field (DOF) feature. And of course the price. It was a steal at Php4.5K (roughly $100 US).

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SponsoredReviews’ Affiliate Program

For those who are not aware yet, ReviewMe is not the only paid for review program available for bloggers who are into this kind of making money online gig. SponsoredReviews works like ReviewMe where bloggers get paid for reviews on their blogs. For Filipino bloggers, this was not an option before since it only accepts PayPal as the mode of payment. But when PayPal was enabled in the Philippines, SponsoredReviews has become a better alternative to ReviewMe.

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From Google PR5 to PR0

Google must have really hated blogs which sell links. From going down to Page Rank 2 after the big Google PR massacre, this blog is now down to PR0. And that’s just in a matter of three weeks! Whoa! The almighty Google  is really out to slaughter the Page Rank of  those who sell text-links in their blog eh?

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The Red WordPress T-Shirt that Never Arrived

A couple of months ago, I placed an order for a red WordPress t-shirt at Indigo Clothing. My order was received and after one month, I sent a letter to follow-up on my order. Sometime in  October, the shop sent me a message saying that the t-shirt was dispatched on October 2 (I placed my order on Sep 12), and said that it shall arrive in two weeks time. It’s now November and I haven’t received my Red WordPress T-shirt  still.

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