The Rig and the Workspace

After getting a new rig, it’s time to buy it’s home. It took me several days to finally settle for this one. Bought it for Php1,000 at DIY Shop in Eastwood Libis. Took me 2 hours to assemble that thingie, whew! Anyway, it was well worth it. Here’s to more comfy blogging hours! See photos after the jump…(whatever that means)


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  1. Wow! LCD. 17inch o 19? Core 2 Duo? Ganda ng casing. 😀 Modding lights and LED fans and liquid cooling na kasunod nyan. 😀

  2. 19″…core 2 duo…:-)
    teka, medyo wala akong alam sa modding lights, LED fans and liquid cooling na sinasabi mo…aralin ko muna…hehehe

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