PPP: Exploring Another Avenue to Make Money Online

I’ve heard many things about payperpost, both good and bad things. I would have registered this blog a long time ago if PayPal for Philippines was activated as early as then. Fortunately for us Filipino bloggers, PayPal fund transfer was finally enabled. This is our chance to explore this much talked about make money online opportunities which is as close to what we are doing as bloggers. The big difference is with PayPerPost, we get paid to blog.

I’ve been accepted to PayPerPost program a couple of days ago and started exploring the site. So far I’ve been loving the review opportunities that are available at PayPerPost. Although the rate for sponsored post on this blog is not that much due to the recent decline in this blog’s Google Page Rank, I don’t mind at all. I’ve always believe in the multiplier effect when it comes to money making matters. No matter how small you get paid, if you multiply that payment to the number of times/days you get paid/blog, the end result will still be as much.

What I love best about PayPerPost is the variety of post opportunities to choose from. The advertisers’ niches varies from loan mortgages, to dating sites. Major blog niches are fully covered and you wouldn’t run out of opportunities to take. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your blog’s focus as you can always choose the opportunities relevant to your blog’s niche.

I’m going to try out this making money online venture for awhile and see if it brings this blog some good results.

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