Have You Recovered from the Google PR Plague?

Probably by now, most of the top blog/sites which have been hardly hit by the recent Google PR update, must have recovered from the plague that is the Google algorithms. Andy Beal  posted a list of some of the major sites/blog which have their precious Google PR going down 1 to 2 levels. Search Engine Journal which had a PR7 for several years was now down to 4 or 5 depending on the datacenter that you’re browser is using. Even Problogger’s PR went down to 4 as well.

This blog didn’t get to elude the plague as well.  Went down from 4 to 3. But do I care? Not really. It might affect the viability of this blog selling ads through ad networks (TLA, etc.) but then those earnings are nothing compared to the amount that his blog earns from direct text link ads.

For those, who are still fretting about their PR going down, enough already. Google PR is not the be all and end all of blog advertising, or blog monetization, or online money making scheme. There are other avenues to earn some money online.

I would have to agree with Loren when he said the Google PR is not a marketing metrics and I wouldn’t be scared to sell links or do paid reviews as well. A man has got to earn some extra dough any ways he can.

If you are still recovering from the plague, Loren’s post might actually help you get over it.

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