Doof Brings Social Networking to the Gaming World

Doof is the gaming world’s Facebook. It is a vibrant community of gamers with all sorts of games in an colorful and interactive environment. From the Doff blog:

doof is all about playing games and meeting people, we like to call it Social Gaming.

Doof’s “boring functionality” is unlimited. Yeah, everything seems to be unlimited except your time probably.

Here are the unlimited things that you can at

  • Unlimited gameplay – from arcade, to card games, action and strategy games, doof’s current line up of continues to grow everyday,
  • Unlimited expression – cool personalization features allows members to create cool profiles and personal information
  • Unlimited interaction – Doof offers a variety of ways to communicate with friends and even foes through messengers, profile walls, etc.
  • Unlimited competition – a gaming site wouldn’t be complete without tournaments and competitions, Doff has it all
  • Unlimited customization – design your own interface, change theme colors, backgrounds, etc.
  • Unlimited fun – videos, news feeds, avatar worlds there’s too much you can do at Doof

If online games and social networking is excites you, go ahead and give Doof a try. If not, there’s no harm in visiting it, who knows? you might actually like it and create your own profile.

Enjoy the games.

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