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Notice those ad widgets at the end of every posts in this blog? Those are called WidgetBucks ads, a rotating content targeted ad units that promises to give bloggers more revenues than Adsense ad units could ever give. With a rate of $2 CPC, who wouldn’t want to install the WidgetBucks code on their blogs?

Signing up for WidgetBucks is easy as registering your email account, then wait for the activation link in your email and start putting those cool nifty ad widgets on your blog. Full customization of the ad widgets, including color is easily done.

WidgetBucks also offer a variety of ad units to choose and install in your blogs. The ad program pays in standard cheque or through paypal.

WidgetBucks really is a cool way of getting your blogs into advertising mode. With the rate like that, who wouldn’t want to install the WidgetBucks code in their blogs?

I wonder how Google is going to react to this once WidgetBucks goes bigtime? Or would it?

And yes as an incentive in joining the WidgetBucks, bloggers will be given a $25 signup bonus. So, all you need after signing up is $25 worth of clicks and you’re on your way to earning your first $50. Sounds easy?

Why don’t you give it a try? ->Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

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