Buffalo’s New Wi-Fi Gamers Simplifies Wireless Online

Buffalo Technology, a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of wired and wireless networking, storage and memory solutions announced the Buffalo Wi-Fi Gamersâ„¢ (WCA-G) – a device that enhances online and wireless gaming experiences by providing an Internet connection without requiring the use of a PC. The gaming-centric device supports Nintendo Wii, DS, DS Lite, Sony PSP, and Playstation3 consoles and allows users to easily access online games with the push of a button. Buffalo‘s AirStation One-Touch Secure System (AOSSâ„¢) provides an instant connection to the Internet, remembers all security settings and allows devices to link wirelessly and securely with minimal user set-up.“The Buffalo Wi-Fi Gamers is the only gaming access point on the market that doesn’t have a complicated wireless set-up, which ultimately enhances the gaming experience,” said Morikazu Sano, senior vice president of global sales and marketing at Buffalo. “The device eliminates the steps for establishing a secure wireless connection and doesn’t require a security key after the first entry so users can immediately start playing online games.”

About the size of a deck of playing cards, the device plugs into an available port on an existing LAN. Once connected, users can connect the device to the Internet in a few easy steps. After pressing the corresponding AOSS button on the Wi-Fi Gamers and gaming console screen, gamers can immediately and securely play online games. It also manages the different levels of support security amongst different gaming consoles, providing hassle free setup of multiple gaming devices.

An embedded LCD monitor shows current set up status, the status of AOSS, wireless network and connection status. Other features include Wireless Channel Display, Auto Channel Selection, Manually Change Wireless Channel, Show Connected Devices and a Firmware Upgrade.

Buffalo Technology is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For more information, contact Anne Mujar at 688-3816, email amujar@msi-ecs.com.ph or visit www.msi-ecs.com.ph.

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