Welcome to Amazon 2.0, Introducing Amazon Widgets for Associates

I gave up on my Associates a long time ago because it never gave me a good amount of revenue. The Amazon links that use to propagate on Associates blogs cluttered blog spaces and slows down loading time so I decided to take it out on this blog. Since then, there has not been too much happenings on the technical side of Amazon Associates. Until now, when I got received an email from Amazon Associates announcing about the new Amazon Widgets. Welcome to the 2.0 era Amazon. What took you so long?

Amazon’s 7 widgets to money making venture

As you may have guessed by now, the new Amazon widgets provides a new avenue for Associates to highlight their product recommendation from Amazon. Installing this widget may or may increase your Amazon Affiliate revenue so choose wisely which type of widgets you are going to implement on your blogs/sites.

  1. Slideshow – Collect images from the Amazon site and compile them all for presentation through the slideshow widgets. You get to customized the caption to suit your taste as well,
  2. My Favorites – Lets you recommend your favorite items, express your comments and put product images,
  3. Wish List – Put this widget in your blogs/sites and let your friends, relatives and networks know what you want, you earn when they click on the product link and buy you the items that you want,
  4. Product Cloud – Mislead your readers with the product clouds and direct them to the Amazon site, then hope that they purchase something so that you’d earn some moolah.
  5. Amazon Unbox Video Previewer – Again mislead your reades by directing them to the Amazon Unbox video download, again hoping that they purchase or rent some titles,
  6. Quicklinker – Creating product links becomes easier using this Amazon widget. By simply typing the HTML code <a type=”amzn”>Keyword</a> and the widget will direct you to the Amazon search page with the corresponding result for the keyword you enter,
  7. Search – Lets you embed an Amazon search box into your blog so that your readers can search Amazon products while browsing your blog/site. This widget can even display the search result right into the widget box itself

There you go, Amazon’s seven dwarfs, er widgets. Stick around because Amazon promise more widgets to come. May your Associate revenue increase leaps and bounds. If you want to see how it looks like, check it out on my sidebar.

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