The Benefits of Joining a Group Writing Project (Again)

September 20, 2007 at 10:27 am

There were 120 blog entries submitted for the Daily Blog Tips Group Writing Project.  If every blogs who joined in the project would post the list of entries in their respective blogs, that would amount to 120 quality linkback to your blog. Make that 121 linkbacks including DBT’s post. What if 119 of those bloggers will click on each of the 119 blog entries? That’s 119 page views  for all the blog entries. That’s a decent amount of  traffic  far better than traffic generation widgets such as BlogRush.Now, consider the number of readers of each blog entries who might chance upon the list and click on the entries. You can just imagine the number of traffic it will bring to the blogs who joined the DBT Group writing project. Not bad for a blog post’s  work which even stretch your blogging minds to come up with good and well written post. Even better than installing a stupid widget in your sidebar which might even get you in trouble with Google Adsense TOS.

I have joined several of problogger’s group writing project in the past and it really helped this blog gained significant amount of traffic, clicks and hits, even until now. Group writing projects are good way of generating traffic to your blog, getting link backs, and increasing your blog stats in a legit and fruitful way.

With that blurted out, let me give you the 120 entries which were submitted in DBT’s group writing project. Read them all, link to each of the entries, refer the link to your blog networks and most especially learn from those great tips.


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