BlogRush Traffic Generation Update

A lot of bloggers who signed up for a BlogRush account are writing their impressions so far about the first few days of implementing the BlogRush widget on their blogs. Darren of Problogger found that despite having 75,000 page impressions, there were only 35 clicks on his blog posts, a mere .05%. Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim  Beal finally saw some stats for his blog although similarly with problogger, Andy’s CTR is also very low at .017% despite having earned that much.

The dot com mogul suffers the same low click through rate despite being a “heavy-traffick-ed” blog. Given this three example bloggers who are popular on the net and receive a huge amount of page visits everyday, how come their bloggings are not getting that much CTR? A lesser CTR means traffic being generated is very low. So, what then is the problem? Is BlogRush not living up to the hype it created?

Some bloggers are quick to point out that there’s need to be done with the way post title is contructed. Titles should be catchy enough to attract clicks from other BlogRush members. Or could it be that membership did not increase quite significantly.

This is the reason why I have reservations regarding the success of BlogRush. How can it promise to give members more traffic when the traffic they are promising depends on how perceptive users are to the titles of blog posts that appear on the BlogRush widget.

I would like to think that there are some other reasons why early adopters of BlogRush are not receiving that much traffic yet. It could be possibly due to the fact that BlogRush member arenot significant in numbers yet.

Another reason might be because of the un-attractiveness of the BlogRush widget. The widget is ugly that no one would probably be enticed to click on the displayed title.

So, what’s my BlogRush statistic? There’s nothing much excep for the 0 clicks I got.

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