Are You Going to Take BlogRush?

blogrush_logo.gifI wrote about BlogRush over at Search Engine Journal and got a few comments on why I wouldn’t advise bloggers to get into the BlogRush. Actually, I didn’t mention any reasons on why and let the post hanging for people to contradict my claim. But personally I really have some reservations about BlogRush, the traffic it promises to bring to members’ blogs and the way it is going to give those traffic.

If you want to find out more about BlogRush, just read my SEJ post and the review of BlogRush from Dosh Dosh. I won’t duplicate my post here.

But a few moments ago, John Reese sent an email to BlogRush members explaining and telling about the initial impression since BlogRush was launched. Reese addresses some of the questions and concerns that arised since BlogRush was launched. The same urgent news can be read the the BlogRush site.

That was a long explanation coming from BlogRush’s owner and founder. And from the looks of it, Reese and company are really serious about what they are doing with BlogRush.

Are we looking at another blog aggregator’s boom or bust? That would be exciting to watch out for.

Check out BlogRush and see for yourself how cool or uncool this blog service really is.

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