Yahoo’s Got its Own MySpace, Yahoo! Mash – Free Invites

Yahoo Mash BetaShortly after being rumored that a Yahoo staff has accidentally spilled out Yahoo’s new social networking site, Yahoo! Mash goes public on a per-invite-beta version. I got my invitation via Mashable and immediately got inside the Yahoo! Mash. I thought at first that access to the Yahoo Mash would be a tough, but then getting access into it is as easy as creating a profile for anybody who wants to try it out. So, if you want me to create a profile for you at Yahoo Mash, you have to read on until the end of this post.So, what’s my impression of Yahoo Mash? Well, its your usual social networking site which has a features of other social networking sites as MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Orkut and what-have-yous. Yahoo Mash is well, yeah a mashup of every possible web 2.0 stuff that social networkers can possible dream about.

Yahoo Mash got:

  • widgets (called modules) – you can append this modules in to your profile’s sidebar or main content, there are already several pre-loaded modules which includes stuff such as RSS feed widgets,
  • Flickr RSS
  • YouTube videos – what? what’s YouTube doing in a Yahoo powered social networking site? That I really don’t know
  • Amazon wishlist
  • Ebay List
  • among other web 2.0 stuffs

In terms of layout and interface, Yahoo Mashers can change style their profile, upload a background image, choose color layout easily as clicking the mouse. There is also a tool for creating tag clouds, posting shout outs (called blurt), guestbook among other things.

What’s can I say about Yahoo Mash? A boring and bland start, but could still be further improved and enhanced. Give it a little more time, with the proper publicity and promotion, Yahoo could very well compete with other social networking sites in due time.

So how can you get into the Yahoo Mash beta? I can create a profile for you, but you would have to leave a comment below with your email address.

Let’s start Mashing!

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