When Pinoy Blograrians Meet, A Mafia is Born

The title of this post is dedicated to Juned, a Pinoy librarian blogging at Baratillo and A Feed is Born of b5Media. And this post is dedicated to the fivePinoy blogging librarians who once in a while get featured in Von’s Pinoy Big Biblioblogsphere. These five Pinoy blogging librarians got together this afternoon at A Different Bookstore in Serenda, the Fort to pay tribute to the Godfather of PBB (not Big Brother, but Pinoy Big Biblioblogsphere) Von : -) Ok, let’s get serious now.


This afternoon was the first time I attended an EB of bloggers, to be specific of Pinoy Librarians who are into blogging. It was good to finally have met Zarah, the Coffee Goddess and the School Librarian in Action, Juned of Baratillo fame, long lost friend Igor of Gokitomo, and of course a Filipino Librarian blogger Von. We were joined by Charles a friend of the library world.

There were lots of issues discussed, heated arguments that ensued, but in the end we patched up everything and left the place happy to be part a historic moment in the Philippine Library Scene – the conceptualization of the Pinoy Big Biblioblogsphere Mafia (PBB-M for short).

Visit the blogs of the six people who banded together for more updates about the PBB-M. It’s going to be big, bold, daring, and hot! So watch out for it.

Disclaimer: Some part of this post is serious and some part not. I leave it as challenge to you to determine which is which, which is what. 🙂

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