The Movers and Shakers of the Blogging World, There’s 50 of Them

Got the link from John Chow who is the 48th most influential blogger in the list. Heads up to Leo  Babauta (47th) for coming up with such a great list. Must have been a pretty tough work. What I like about the list is the picture of bloggers if available. It puts a face on the bloggers whose writing we read religiously.Aside from the great images of the bloggers, here are some highlights of NxE’s 50 most influential bloggers:

  • There were only 8 female influential bloggers, two of them got into the top 10. And the rest spreaded out to the rest of the list.  Does this mean that male bloggers are more influential than female bloggers? 🙂
  • Being a successful blogger means being  successful in other web endeavors. Two of the most influential bloggers are founders and owners of two highly successful blog networks. Jason Calacanis at No.4 of Weblogs Inc. and Nick Denton owner and founder of Gawker Media. The other two most influential blogger are founders and owners of the two most popular social bookmarking sites, Kevin Rose of Digg and David Sifry of Technorati.Completing the top 5 most influential blogger is the chairman of Creative Commons, a web endeavor which has a significant impact in the blogging world, Joi Ito who is also the chairman of SixApart Japan.
  •  Interestingly, we could deduce from the list that success and influence in blogging doesn’t equate to blog monetization after all. Famous online money maker John Chow barely made to the list. Jeremy Shoemaker of made it to the mid-point of the list not because of his 8-figure income from blogging but moreso because of his expertise on PPC advertising, Search Engine Marketing, and online income optimization.
  •  And lastly, examining the list of 50 most influential bloggers, I noticed that these bloggers are all experts and have high conviction when it comes to their area of specialization. These bloggers have powerful conviction, strong voice and emits an air of intelligence. No wonder, there were no movie, gossip, and other popular genre bloggers on the list.

Heads up to Leo  for coming up with a great list. Check it out and start discovering some  great blogs and the people behind the most influential blogs.

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