5 Tips to a Successful Paid Blogging Gig

September 13, 2007 at 12:20 am

Blogging has been good to me since I started two years ago, not in the financial sense but in some other ways that transcended into financial gains. When I started blogging, I never though I would be a tech writer. Moreso, I never thought that I would be paid to write about tech related stuff considering that my educational background is librarianship. Who would have believed in a librarian writing on tech related topics? But then, my interest on technology and web related stuff made me to study and educate myself on my own. With no formal educational background on computer related subjects, I am currently writing about tech related articles on several blog networks with monthly incentives. I may not be earning that much compared to other big time tech bloggers, but the online visibility that those blogging gigs is bringing to my name is enough compensation than getting substantive financial gains from paid blogging gigs.


How did I do it? Here are 5 tips to successful paid blogging gig based on a techologically inclined library science schooled budding tech blogger/freelance writer’s personal experience:


  1. If you don’t have a blog yet, better create one now. Your blog whether focused on a niche or a personal blog with various subjects is your passport to freelance writing. In fact, the moment you set up a blog and started posting, even without getting paid first makes you a freelance writer already. There are two ways by which you can create your blog. Via free blog hosting sites, such as blogger.com or wordpress.com. Or you can get your own keyword rich or name-branded domain with a blog hosting package. Whether you start your blog in a free hosted environment or on your own personally branded or keyword rich domain, make sure to post regularly, publicize your blog, join blog communities and do all those stuff that an efficient blogger must do.
  2. Once you have gathered enough relevant posts in your blog, start checking out blog job sites. I highly recommend Deborah Ng’s Freelance Writing Blog. She updates regularly and those updates contain ads for blogging positions. Another good source is probloggers job boards and Performancing’s blogger jobs forum. Most of the companies who advertise on these two job boards are well known blog networks and are highly reputable in the blogging industry. However since their blogs are quite popular, expect a higher level of competition among job applicants. So be sure you have written quite a number of good posts in your own blog.
  3. Apply/respond to every possible blogging positions that you are interested in. Don’t worry about their responses, just send in your applications and soon enough one or two would respond to you and indicate their interest in hiring you. Be prepared to submit blog post samples from your site. While doing this, be sure to post as often as you can in your blog. Again, your blog would be your personal ticket to getting hired as a paid writer/blogger. A key point to remember when responding to job ads is not to say too much in your email Just send out information that is asked from applicants as stated in their job ads. Avoid bragging and mentioning unnecessary information that are not asked for. Be straight to the point.
  4. While waiting for responses you can either continue posting in your own blogs or look for some more blogging/writing job openings. You may also start polishing your writing skills by reading good blogs about writing tips such as Daily Writing Tips. :-) You may also start reading tech news feeds, other tech blogs and monitoring major web players’ official blogs to learn a lot of tech stuff which will be useful later on.
  5. Once you received your first email response from the blog/site you applied for and it is a positive reply, study the offer carefully and negotiate for a higher pay out if the offer is too low for you. Anything that is less than $10 per 250 words post/article is too low of an offer. Anything beyond a $10 per 250 post article/post is a good deal.

There you have it, hopefully those five tips could help you land a good paid writing/blogging gig. It worked for me, I’m currently writing for several blog networks and getting paid a pretty decent amount every month for every posts I make. When you start writing/blogging for a fee, make sure to improve your writing craft continously. Writing effective, powerful and convincing articles, blog posts could earn you other writing/blogging/freelancing gigs. And you can also use whatever you write now when applying again in future blogging/writing gigs.

This 5 tips to getting paid as a freelance blogger/writer is an entry to the Daily Blog Tips Group Writing Project, a blog site which I almost wrote for but did not push through since I lack the knowledge on writing about blogging tips. :-)

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