Genius SlimStar 600 Offers Reliable Wireless Freedom

ss600laser_high.jpgTake your computing to a new level and enjoy the convenience of a reliable wireless computing performance with Genius SlimStar 600. Designed to enhanced your working efficiency without compromising your Mac habits, the new Genius SlimStar 600 works perfectly with Mac. Genius SlimStar 600 comes with a wireless keyboard and precision-tracking laser mouse.SlimStar 600 complements various Mac screen panels — something practical and different, a total evolution experience for Mac users!

SlimStar 600 features 12 one-touch hotkeys including media controls that make music or video playback much easier. Launching applications such as Internet browsing, email, Dashboard, iChat, and iTunes is now faster with SlimStar 600.

The laser-mouse of SlimStar 600 features a rigid laser technology more advanced than a typical optical mouse, providing more surface coverage and a smooth cursor movement. Using a power-saving technology (PST), SlimStar 600’s laser mouse has an extended battery life up to 8 months or longer. It has a transparent finish that highlights the fresh design and a crystal finish dongle receiver for excellent receiving capability.

Genius products are exclusively distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For more information, contact James Ong at 688-3740, email, or visit

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